Why I don’t go to office parties

The annual “holiday” office party is a ritual that I can happily forego now that I’ve had tenure for a while. I realize the idea is to develop some sort of more casual relationship with colleagues who don’t really associate with each other the rest of the year and appreciate that they do have lives

Impostor Syndrome

It is well known that people who do not match the majority in some meritocracy-based groups may (must?) at some point experience impostor syndrome. That is not to say that impostor syndrome is exclusive to such people — in fact, it is quite common in high-achieving individuals of any gender and race, but here I

Fuji Mountain Snowshoe

Finally, after several years of just thinking about it, I got around to climbing Fuji Mountain in the snow — the one in Oregon, not the one in Japan (maybe one day). On March 30, 2019, the weather forecast was almost perfect for this trip, and I realized that there weren’t any reasons not to